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4X Wheel Alignment

A routine wheel alignment check is a must to ensure you enjoy a stable car handling experience all year round. It also helps improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency and tyre tread life.

At our garage ZAK Tyres, we provide comprehensive 4X wheel alignment Newport at a budget-friendly rate. Hence, if you own a vehicle that runs on 4-wheel drive mechanism, you can come down to our garage for efficient wheel alignment checks. Our experts will conduct a detailed inspection of your vehicle's axle geometry and re-align the faulty wheel angles without much turn-around time.

What Are The Symptoms Of Misaligned Wheels?

Ideally, you should opt for a 4X wheel alignment check after every 5000 to 6000 miles. However, if you notice the following symptoms, you should immediately opt for professional help.

  • Your car drifts in one direction while you drive straight at a constant speed.
  • There is a drastic fall in your car’s fuel efficiency.
  • You notice signs of excessive and uneven tyre wear.
  • The cornering precision of your car is jeopardised.
  • A crooked or vibrating steering wheel.

Why Come Down To Us For 4X Wheel Alignment?

Here are a few factors that make us an ideal solution for all “4X wheel alignment near me” searches.

Detailed Inspection

Our professionals will thoroughly check all the crucial angles of your car’s axle geometry which include:

Camber- The camber angle refers to the geometric alignment formed between the vertical axis of your car’s wheels and the vehicle itself, when seen from the front.

Caster- An angular displacement between the steering axis of a car and the vertical axis of its wheels is the caster angle.

Toe- Toe angle is known as the angle formed between your car’s wheels and their longitudinal axis.

Superior Quality Equipment

While performing the inspection, we will use only high-quality laser sensors and digital cameras. This cutting-edge machinery will offer a 3D modelling of your car's wheel angles. As a result, we will track the misalignments within the least time possible. Further, we have a computerised automation system that helps us understand the total displacement in wheel angles from their original make and re-align them efficiently as per manufacturer specifications.

Sounds about right?

Then hurry up and book your appointment for 4X wheel alignment Newport with us today.

If you need any further details, feel free to contact us on 01495 774592.