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4X4 Tyres

Are you looking to purchase the perfect 4x4 tyres or SUV tyres for your vehicle? If yes, you are at the right place, and we will make your search process and purchase the best 4x4 tyres Newport as simple as possible for you.

Here at Zak Tyres, we stock a wide range of tyres to meet the market trends, various budgets and different driving requirements. From cheap 4x4 tyres to premium SUV tyres, we have tyres for your every need.

What are 4x4 tyres?

Before buying 4x4 tyres or SUV tyres, you should know what they are and why it is essential to buy them. Most of the tyres are constructed based on speed, noise limitation and mileage.

With 4x4 tyres, you can also expect exceptional durability, hold on to the off-road surface and stiffness. Off-road tyres have a deep tread design with wide channels, strong sidewalls, and a high rubber ratio to give you the best responsiveness and steering capability through rugged terrain.

Choosing the right 4x4 tyres can be difficult sometimes. We, at Zak Tyres, are always happy to help, and have the best variety of 4X4 tyres available.

Some of them are:

All-Terrain (A/T) tyres:

A/T tyres are specifically designed for 50% off-road and 50% on-road travel, allowing you to balance both requirements. Technological improvement in these tyres means that all-terrain tyres can give you outstanding handling, support and durability across different road surfaces.

Mud Terrain (M/T) tyres:

They are designed based on 80% for off-roading and 20% for the average surface. These tyres are noisy and uncomfortable on standard road surfaces due to their robust tread patterns and rigid attributes making up the tyre composites. M/T tyres are the best tyres for rough surfaces as the tyres are built to provide excellent grip to the vehicle.

Highway-Terrain (H/T) tyres:

H/T tyres are suitable for less off-road work because they have less space between tread blocks and more siping to improve traction. These tyres are very quiet tyres and best for long journeys.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Zak Tyres, you will get all kinds of 4x4 tyres according to your budget and requirements. We are known to provide high-quality 4x4 tyres to our customers at the lowest price possible. So, buy online, come to see us or call us today and shop from our vast collection of 4x4 tyres in Newport.