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Brakes Disc

The braking system of your vehicle and its components must always work optimally to ensure superior on-road safety. A brake disc is a metal plate mounted on the wheel hub, which is clamped in between two brake pads as you apply the brakes. It plays a crucial role in bringing your car to a halt safely and comfortably. Further, well-functioning brake discs are essential to pass the annual MOT.

If you are looking for a professional facility providing brake disc replacement Newport, reach out to Zak Tyres.

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Signs of Faulty Brake Discs

Ideally, you might need to replace your car’s brake discs every 50,000 to 70,000 miles. However, this will vary on different factors such as your driving pattern, the weight your car carries, etc. If the brake discs of your vehicle are damaged or worn out, you are likely to detect the following symptoms:

Unusual Noises While Applying the Brakes

If you hear loud screeching or grinding noises when you apply the brakes, it can be due to malfunctioning or faulty brake discs. Make sure to come over to us for professional brake disc checks and servicing.

Vibrations in the Brake Pedal

Do you feel unusual vibrations in the brake pedal as you push down on it? This can be a sign of a warped brake disc. Opt for our professional services of brake disc checks Newport under such circumstances.

Brake Discs Appear Damaged

Take a look at the brake discs through the wheels. Does the brake disc have cracks, grooves, spots or bluish patches on its surface? If yes, you need to replace the brake discs at the earliest. Reach out to us and let our experts replace the damaged disc with a new one.

Please note brake discs cannot be repaired. They have to be replaced once damaged.

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When you come to our facility, our experts will first conduct a thorough inspection of the brake discs to find out which one needs to be replaced. After the inspection, they will replace the damaged discs with OE-grade spares. Once done, they will test the new components and adjust accordingly so that you enjoy superior performance and safety.

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