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Brakes Services

The braking apparatus in a modern car is an incredibly sophisticated system comprising of several small parts, working in coordination to generate enough friction to slow down or stop a car. A fault in this system is arguably the most dangerous thing that can happen to your vehicle.

It is crucial that you bring your car to Zak Tyres whenever you suspect that there’s something wrong with your car brakes. Note that brake repair Newport is not a DIY-friendly practice. It takes the right equipment and professional expertise to diagnose and fix faulty brakes. Doing it yourself might do more harm than good.

We are a professional auto garage with years of experience in repairing all automobile components. As such, brake repair Newport is right up our alley. We take additional precautions while tending to this essential safety equipment of your vehicle.

How to diagnose brake faults?

Complete brake failure is rare in modern cars as they are several failsafe mechanisms in place. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing can go wrong with brakes. Even a slight drop in the performance of the brakes can be potentially dangerous. So, look out for the following signs and bring your car to our brake repair garage Newport for a prompt resolution of the issue.

There is a screeching sound when you brake even at a lower speed.

  • The brake pedal seems soft.
  • A burning smell emanates whenever you press the brakes.
  • There is a pool of liquid near the brake pedal or the wheels.
  • Your vehicle wobbles when you apply its brakes.

These are all signs of potential faults in the braking system. The soft brake pedal, for example, indicates that there are air bubbles trapped in the hydraulic brake fluid. The screeching sound is an indicator of the brake pads being worn out.

It’s essential that you let our expert technicians inspect your car brakes when you notice one or more of these issues. Ignoring these or delaying the inspection can be fatal.

Our brake repair services

Zak Tyres offers comprehensive brake repair service on all types of cars. We have an able team of technicians who are equipped with all the right equipment to carry out necessary repair services.

Our brake repair garage Newport specialises in the following services.

Brake pad replacement

Brake pads are synthetic-ceramic pads that press against the rotor to generate friction. They are usually the first parts to wear out. The average life of brake pads is around 50,000-60,000 miles, post which they need replacement.

Our technicians can carry out this intricate procedure with ease. We use genuine OEM parts for all replacement purposes.

Brake disc realignment

Brake discs have to be set at specific angles to perform optimally. When they are misaligned due to the intense heat and pressure, the braking performance of a car is severely compromised. We can realign your car’s brake discs to the pre-set angles and eliminate any chances of reduced braking performance.

Brake fluid flush

Modern car brakes are hydraulically powered. When you press the brake pedal, the master cylinder releases the fluid which then powers various parts of the braking system. Over time the fluid level becomes low, and it loses its viscosity. At our brake repair garage Newport, we use manufacturer specified glycol-based products which keep your car brakes in excellent condition.

Professional brake repair at amateur prices

Zak Tyres brings you a comprehensive range of brake repair services at pedestrian price points. Visit us today and get your brakes fixed by professionals.

When it comes to brakes, you can never be too careful!



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