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Car Services

Book your vehicle for the best, full-service car service in Newport. Experience a range of high-quality, affordable, and trusted car services.

Zak Tyress is recognised as one of the best car repair centres in Newport. We offer the most detailed job with professionalism for the car of every make and model. Our proactive technicians are trained to attend to every car issue with the highest priority. Our only aim is to help our customers stay safe, on any road they take.

Our sort-after car services include– general car service, custom repair service, car dry cleaning and spa, diagnostics, wheel alignment and balancing, tyre fitting, and many more.

Give us a call, e-mail us or visit us for the best car services in Newport.

Book Online for Discount Deals on Car Services

Enjoy great deals when you book your car service online!

You can choose from our range of car services in Newport at ‘no hidden cost’. What we quote on the phone, online or when you walk-in is 100% honest. At Autotek Tyres, service prices are calculated keeping your budget in mind. We don’t force customers to pay a penny extra. We provide personalised quotes for any chosen service.

You can discuss your quote on the phone or at the garage with our technicians. Or, check out our price comparison tool – you will find only the best deals for your budget.

Experienced Technicians at your Service

Autotek is proud of our team of experienced technicians. When the customer walks-in at the garage, they are greeted with our friendly staff. They are assigned a ‘dedicated technician’ for their car services Newport. Because, we believe that every customer and their vehicle need is unique.

Our expert quickly runs the diagnostics to find fault with the car. The dedicated technician will explain the issue and suggest the best solution. As soon as the customer authorises the solution, we begin the work.

The technician will let you know the time needed for the repair. As we value every minute of your time. Customers are welcome to ask questions, or any information they need to know about the car repair.

Our engineers will also be happy to share useful tips with customers so they can take better care of their vehicle. Our skilled technicians are great listeners. We will dedicate as much time needed to fix the car issue without rushing.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work hard to win our customer’s trust. And we make sure our services increase the life of every vehicle that comes to our garage.