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Full Van Service

Vans are used for both personal and commercial purposes. A routine servicing of your van is essential for enhanced performance, on-road safety and fuel economy. Timely servicing will help you to get rid of underlying issues beforehand, thereby avoiding hefty repair and replacement bills in the future.

Are you searching for full van servicing Newport?

Zak Tyres can be your go-to destination. We combine highly experienced technicians and the latest machinery to provide efficient van servicing Newport at budget-friendly rates. Our team will conduct the necessary checks and provide suitable repair and replacement solutions for your van.

What’s Included in Our Full Van Service Newport?

According to automotive experts, a full service is recommended once in every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever is early. However, this will depend on your driving pattern, van model and manufacturer and other important factors. Our full van service will include 77 checks such as:

Tyre Checks

During full van servicing, our experts will conduct a careful inspection of your van tyres and wheels. They will check the tyre carcass, tread depth and tyre pressure to ensure the van tyres are in proper condition. In case of any issue, we will suggest you install a new set of tyres which you can purchase from our tyre collection if you wish.

Exhaust Service

A well-functioning exhaust maintains the engine performance, fuel economy and keeps the emission levels within permissible limits. We will check the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, silencer and resonator assemblies to make sure they are free from rust, corrosion, or damage.

If we find any fault with your van’s exhaust, we will replace the faulty component with an OE-grade spare after consulting with you.

Suspension System

Suspension system components can lose their efficiency with time. Our technicians will check the struts, shock absorbers, linkages, bushings, etc., of your van’s suspension. If required, they will replace the malfunctioning components so that you can enjoy a reliable driving experience and on-road safety.

In addition to these checks, our experts will also conduct the following during a full van servicing:

  • Oil filter, air filter and pollen filter replacements
  • Clutch checks and replacements
  • Engine checks
  • Steering checks
  • Braking system checks and replacements
  • Interior and exterior lights checks
  • Battery inspection
  • Air conditioning check
  • Coolant and anti-freeze top-up

When you come to us for full van service Newport, our team of professionals will conduct all necessary inspections and inform you in case any underlying issues are found.

Note: We only stock best quality spares to provide reliable replacements.

Contact Zak Tyres and end your search for “full van service near me”.

Feel free to drop by our facility on any business day. We are located at 81-82 Church Rd, Newport NP19 7EH.

If you have any questions, you can certainly also call us on 01495 774592.



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