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Summer Check

Are you looking for Summer Check Newport for your vehicle?

In the UK, temperatures during the summer months can shoot up to 30°C and can result in distinct challenges which your car needs to be prepared for. Experts, therefore, recommend you avail of a professional car summer check Newport from an expert garage before setting out for a journey during the hottest months of the year to ensure your vehicle is in perfect working condition.

At Zak Tyres, we offer comprehensive summer car checks at affordable rates. We use the best tools and have a team of highly trained professionals who can efficiently check, repair and replace all crucial components of your car if necessary, to ensure it is road-worthy.

Checks included in our summer car service

Here are some important checks which are covered in our summer car service Newport.


Our experts will first ensure that your vehicle is equipped with an appropriate set of summer tyres. They will also check factors like tyre pressure, tread depth, etc. Legally, every car driving on UK roads must have tyres with a tread depth of at least 1.6mm. In case your vehicle's tyres fail to meet this legal requirement or show any damage, we will let you know and are happy to give advice on which new tyres to buy next.


Our experts will thoroughly inspect the cables, wires, charging system, battery fluid, etc., to ensure there are no underlying issues that can lead to a sudden car breakdown.

Air-con system

The optimal functioning of your car's air-conditioning system is imperative to ensure a pleasant cabin atmosphere in the scorching heat of summers. Therefore, our experts will thoroughly inspect all the components of your vehicle’s air conditioning system and also check and re-fill the refrigerant level if required.


We will ensure that the engine oil is at its recommended level to avoid issues like overheating and engine breakdown. Our experts will check the oil level and refill the engine oil if it has gone down below the optimum level.


Experts at Zak Tyres will also check and top up the coolant if required so that your car's engine can perform without any issues.

Apart from these, we might include some other checks in our summer vehicle services Newport, depending on the age and overall condition of your car.

Therefore, if you have been searching for the best summer car servicing garage near me, put an end to it and come down to Zak Tyres.