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Tyre Labelling

Have you ever wondered what the symbols, letters and numbers stand for on the label attached to new tyres? On this page we would like to tell you a little bit about it.

The EU tyre label can be a definitive manual to help you choose the most appropriate tyre for your vehicle.

Tyre labels are part of a regulation initiated in 2012 by the EU to provide more information about tyre safety and also its impact on the environment.

At Zak Tyres we stock an extensive range of car tyres. You will not face any challenges choosing tyres that match best for your vehicle, driving pattern, and budget. You will find the original Tyre label on each and every one of them.

Understanding the tyre Label

You can see three pictures that denote three specific parameters.

Wet grip

Tyre labelling is evaluated between 'A' to 'G' for wet grip with a black arrow and white letter that indicates the rating, essentially telling you the stopping distances when braking during rainy weather. The difference between each letter is 2.5 metres when braking at 50mph. So, an A rated tyre would stop 18 metres well before an F rated tyre would.

Fuel economy

Tyre labelling for fuel economy again has a range from A to G, but using a coloured scale this time. A black arrow, with a big white letter indicates the rating of the Tyre. Tyres having best fuel economy come with a green A rating while the worst fuel economy tyres would have a red G-rating.


Tyre labelling for noise is depicted using three 'sound wave' bars. The rating could be one, two or three black bars and the overall decibel rating is shown in big white numbers. One black bar would mean the tyre emits 3db or more, staying below future EU legislation. Two black bars would mean the tyres meet both current and future legislations. Three bars would mean that the tyres meet current legislation but will fall short in meeting the future legislations (but you can still to use them if you've already purchased them)

Pick your best EU labelled tyres at Zak Tyres.

At Zak Tyres, we guarantee you don't need to stress over all the definite EU labels and check through a stock of tyres. Our professionals can guide you through the best of the tyres with the best ratings.

Do you have any additional questions about Tyre Labelling Zak Tyres?

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