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Hankook Tyres

If you are looking for budget-friendly tyres with a great standard quality, nothing can beat Hankook tyres.

Established in the year 1941, Hankook is the first Korean tyre manufacturing company that gained a global foothold with its superior quality tyres that offer unmatched durability and overcome various road challenges to ensure optimal car handling experience.

Our workshop, Zak, is an authorised retailer of Hankook tyres Newport and can offer you these products in multiple size and model variants suitable for your diverse requirements.

Buy Hankook tyres online or offline from us

You can now enjoy the convenience of buying tyres from us online along with scheduling the fitting appointment (affordable mobile tyre fitting services are available too). However, if you wish to talk to our experts in person while buying tyres, you are always welcome to visit us during business hours.

Which Hankook tyres does Zak retail?

Before you proceed to buy Hankook tyres Newport, here is a quick overview of some of the best-selling tyres of this brand available at our workshop.

Summer Tyres

  • Ventus S1 evo 3
  • Ventus Prime 3, etc.

These summer tyres are manufactured with a superior quality hard rubber compound that contains lesser natural rubber content and prevents the tyres from softening under the extreme heat of summer tarmacs. These tyres also feature a shallower tread depth which increases their road contact area and offers unmatched grip on both wet and dry summer tracks.

Winter Tyres

  • Winter i*cept evo 3
  • Winter i*cept evo 2

These winter tyres from Hankook are customised with silica-enriched soft rubber compounds, which offer unmatched flexibility and durability during extreme winter conditions. Further, the wide circumferential grooves, a large number of sipes and increased tread depth offer a biting grip on snow and ensure efficient aquaplaning resistance.

All-season Tyres

  • Kinergy 4S 2
  • Kinergy GT

Custom-built for all-season use, these tyres from Hankook feature a moderate tread structure that offers uncompromised traction on both summer and winter tracks. Further, the intermediate tread compound offers optimal durability during both seasons and ensures improved mileage.

Apart from these, we also offer you various 4X4 and performance tyres from Hankook, like:

  • Ventus S1 evo 3 SUV
  • Dynapro AT2
  • Ventus Sports
  • Ventus V12 evo 2, etc.

Further, in case you are looking for run-flat tyres, we can offer these too.

Therefore, end your search for Hankook tyres near me and come to our workshop, or visit our official website to buy tyres online.