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Wheel Alignment

Your car depends on its wheels for all the movement. To work together and move in synchronisation, they need to be aligned properly. We, at Zak Tyres, have some of the best technicians to help you solve any wheel alignment issue. They have been trained to be the best at their job and deliver nothing but excellence.

Wheel Alignment

The angular arrangement of the wheels to the axle is known as wheel alignment. It is the reason why all of your car’s wheels move together in one direction. This is not an easy task to do and needs someone who is trained to do so. Just like our technicians at Zak Tyres, who have devoted several days to earn their expertise.

There are three different angles which are checked to correct the angle of the wheels. They are caster, camber and toe. The vertical angle of the wheel to the car is known as the camber. The vertical angle of the wheels to the suspension is known as caster. Toe is referred to as the angle of the front wheels to the centreline of the car i.e. how much inward or outward they’re facing.

Some of the most common reasons for the misalignment of wheels are irregular acceleration and braking, driving on potholes, and even minor accidents.


You might notice that, at times, when you leave your steering wheel on a straight road, the car seems to have a certain pull in a specific direction. This issue might be due to misalignment of your wheels. One has to apply extra effort to ensure that the car doesn’t do so and maintains the path that it is supposed to.

Drawbacks of misalignment are not limited to discomfort while driving. Misalignment means that your wheels aren’t in the correct angle they are supposed to be, therefore, they are dragged by the car forcefully rather than simply rotating themselves. The engine has to provide extra power to drag the wheel, which reduces fuel efficiency.

Dragging also causes the tyres to wear off faster than they otherwise would. Along with the wheels, the pressure is also exerted on the suspension system which might suffer damage as well. Bushes and springs wear off much quicker when a car has misaligned wheels.

We, at Zak Tyres, ensure that not only do we train our technicians to be efficient, but also provide them with the latest pieces of technology. We do so to ensure that we make the work easier for them and also to make sure that they are able to deliver good quality services to our customers. Rather than focusing on making monetary benefits, we want our customers to benefit from us. Visit us once and you’re sure to trust us thereafter.



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