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Winter Check

Are you looking for Winter Check Newport For your vehicle?

Opt for a professional car winter check Newport at Zak Tyres to enjoy optimum driving safety and comfort during the harshest part of the year.

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Checks included in our winter car service Newport


Deep grooves and a soft rubber compound are essential in the tyres you use during the winters. We check if these and other important factors are present in your car tyres. We will also check the tyres for tread depth and any sign of damage.

Antifreeze and coolant top-up

Our winter car service Newport ensures there is a sufficient amount of coolant and antifreeze in your vehicle. If required, we will provide the necessary top-up.

Engine oil

At Zak Tyres, our experts will check the amount and grade of engine oil and offer a top-up or replacement as necessary.

Car battery

Flat batteries are a common occurrence during winters. Thus, our experts will check if your car battery is functioning optimally and will provide a replacement if needed.

Availability of our car winter check Newport will ensure a safer and smoother driving experience on icy or snow-covered tarmacs. Apart from the checks mentioned above, we will also check the windscreen and wipers and other components depending on your vehicle’s condition.

We provide all our services using top-notch equipment, ensuring unrivalled accuracy. With these services, you avoid weather-related vehicular issues and gain excellent manoeuvring efficiency.

If you are looking for the “best winter car servicing garage near me”, your search ends here with Zak Tyres.



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