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Winter Wheels

Using the right set of wheels during the winter months is a must to enjoy a stable car handling experience on ice, snow and slush. Hence, if you are planning to buy new winter wheels Newport, we recommend you come to our garage, ZAK Tyres.

We retail both alloy and steel winter wheels from the leading brands across the world. Based upon your car model, driving habits and budget, our experts will help you select the appropriate variant. Further, the cost of winter wheels at our garage is extremely reasonable and budget-friendly.

Have a detailed look at which winter wheel variant will work the best for you.

Alloy Wheels:


Alloy winter wheels have an extremely lightweight construction. Hence, these tyre models exert less pressure on the suspension system and reduce rolling resistance. Consequently, you will enjoy an efficient car handling experience and enhanced fuel economy. Another key fact about alloy wheels is the availability of different designs and sizes.

We bring you a range of winter alloy wheels Newport to choose from that will help improve the aesthetic appeal of your car.


The main disadvantage of alloy wheels is their susceptibility to even light impact damages. Further, they are more prone to rusting and corrosion. Also, alloy wheels are more expensive compared to their steel counter parts. The repair costs are also higher.

Steel Wheels:


Steel wheels have a robust construction that makes them ideal for heavy-duty vehicles. They can easily withstand the heavier chassis weight of a car on snow-covered tracks and provide a stable driving experience. Also, they are not prone to impact damages. Another significant benefit is that steel wheels are extremely budget-friendly, and repairing them does not prove too heavy on your pocket.


The heavyweight construction of a steel winter wheel puts more pressure on the vehicle’s suspension system and increases rolling resistance. Consequently, the fuel economy of your car tends to drop. Also, these wheels are available in limited style options.

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